Quality, trust and taste

All the world knows and loves Italian food. The success of our cuisine is linked to the ability to combine the flavours using the best food. Transformation and then techniques of Italian cooking are the strongest atout in the Italian food chain industry. Mozzarella is produced and consumed Around the world, but it was born in Italy and here it reigns sovereign.
The quality of food, in the most common meaning, is certainly determined by the consumer, through subjective judgment parameters such as taste, texture, appearance and all other properties that lead us to choose one product over another, when we fill the shopping cart. But the most noble food quality aspect is related to the food preparation. Here comes the quality of the producer and its ability to provide consumers with good, healthy and safe products.

First: food safety

Through the selection and control of ingredients, of primary packaging and continued investment in advanced manufacturing processes, to guarantee safety, but always with the highest respect for tradition, Boriati has been producing every day for forty years. This is why there is a strong relationship of trust between Boriati and the consumer who chooses our products.