The traditional mozzarella

‘Fiore’ is the traditional format of our mozzarella in Molise. Slice it, cut it into squares or serve whole. Give it some fellow ingredients or leave it alone in the middle of the scene.
Choose the most traditional or the most innovative. It does not really matter, it will not stay long in the plate.


Product Packaging
Fiore Verde
350 gr
3 Kg tub (2x3Kg in polystyrene)
Single bag 350gr (9x350gr in polystyrene)
 Data sheet Fiore Verde


Ingredients Pasteurized cow's milk, milk enzymes, rennet, salt
Production technology Coagulation with rennet and milk enzymes, spinning and forming, cooling, packaging, palletising and storage at a controlled temperature, temperature-controlled distribution.
Shelf Life 20 days