Give your pizza a fresher taste

Mozzarella for pizza is one of our specialties and we are proud of it.
Boriati has been one of the leading manufacturers in Europe for years and boasts a great experience in the production of mozzarella for pizza.
Boriati products, now consumed in the largest chains of restaurants, pizzerias and hotels, is highly regarded for its ability to retain excellent properties at high temperatures.

On your pizzas for 40 years

Pizza’s origin is very old but its spread in the modern version dates back to 1800 in the Kingdom of Naples. The rest of the world will have to wait the first Italian migrants in early years of last century . Born as a poor and simple dish, but also appreciated in the salons of the middle class and aristocracy, pizza spreads rapidly. In order to satisfy everyone's tastes, they create countless versions with endless ingredients. The only essential ingredient for a good pizza is mozzarella. Just as there are many types of dough, there are many versions of pizza mozzarella as well. With its broad range of products Boriati have been creating mozzarella for pizza for forty years.
A picture taken during the production of the our 'julienne' mozzarella, gluten-free and with no anti-agglomerants.

Choose your favourite packaging

Each format and size have their own peculiarities to accommodate all tastes. You can find it in a 1 kg vacuum-packed loaf or in tubs with water for those who prefer not to give up their touch during the preparation of the mozzarella before covering a wonderful pizza. Then there is the ‘julienne’ format, for those who prefer it ready for use.

Product Packaging
Fiore Blu
350 gr
3 Kg tub (2x3Kg in polystyrene)
Single bag 350gr (9x350gr in polystyrene)
 Data sheet Fiore Blu
'Filone' in water
1 Kg
4,0 Kg tub (2x4Kg in polystyrene )
 Data sheet Filone in acqua
Vacuum packed 'Filone'
1 Kg
10 x 1,0 Kg in carton
 Data sheet Filone sottovuoto
2,5 Kg
2,5 Kg tub (4x2,5Kg in carton)
 Data sheet Julienne